Security Now

This week’s episode of the Security Now podcast was one of my favorites… it includes an explanation of how security researchers successfully forged a root certificate authority by brute forcing md5 with Playstations, a great story about an early PC called the PDP-8, and some information on a new small(er) form factor, instant charging, and non-toxic battery technology that was recently patented. Not all security stuff, but definitely interesting. All episodes can be downloaded here.



Pulsar: Absolutely loving Pulsar, the new XM/Sirius player for the Mac by Rogue Amoeba. I use it to listen to XM while at work, and also through my Apple TV at home (via Airfoil, another Rogue Amoeba product). Best of all I got Pulsar for free as an existing Rouge Amoeba product owner. See this page for details on that offer.

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