iTunes Hanging on Syncing Bookmarks

This morning, iTunes started hanging at “Syncing Bookmarks” when syncing my iPhone. Several tries yielded the same results, even when I left it syncing for over an hour. A quick Google search led me to this iPhone Atlas page which said you could fix the problem by deleting ~/Library/Application Support/iSync and ~/Library/Application Support/SyncServices but warned that you may end up with duplicate data.

Instead of deleting them, I just moved them to my Desktop so I could restore them if necessary, then tried to sync again. That fixed the problem and I didn’t notice any duplicates either on my computer or the phone. After the successful sync I checked ~/Library/Application Support again and noticed that iSync had been recreated, but SyncServices was not. So I dropped my original SyncServices back in and everything still works fine.

To summarize, it seems that the problem can be solved by deleting ~/Library/Application Support/iSync, then letting the iTunes sync recreate it.

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